Strategic Planning Automation - Scope

Strategic Planning Automation - Scope

The Scope is characterized by the intersection of strategic dimension architecture which defines the context of your strategic planning activities. 

See exhibit 1-  A computer manufacturer set-up 3 strategic dimensions (Product, Market, Geography) with 2 layers each to run Enable Growth.  The intersection of the dimensions define each Strategic Planner's scope  (eg. Tablet – South Latam – Health Care)


Create Scope

Creating the scope of a Strategic Planner includes setting up the following mandatory sections:

  • User’s Role:  determines under which capacity the user will be creating the Strategic Planner. This selection does not have any influence on the content or access rights of your Strategic Planner. It facilitates the selection of the strategic dimension by filtering the user’s choice on specific dimensions related to his role.

  • Strategic dimension: dimension defines the scope of the Strategic Planner (see Scope), in this example above, market and product.

  • Unit of measure and currency: unit of measure and currency are critical aspects of the Strategic Planner as what is defined will be what is measured and reported.

Once created, the Strategic Planner becomes a unique entity with selected dimension, unit of measure and currency.

 Update Scope

Once created, the Strategic Planner becomes unique with selected dimension, unit of measure and currency, and cannot be updated by users.

Choose Dimension

Dimensions are elements of the strategic framework. According to your role and profile, you will have access to a section of the entire strategic framework aligned with your responsibility. Enable Growth will filter the Strategic Planners that the user’s role have access to automatically, facilitating the selection of the dimension.

Unit of Measure

The unit of measure (UOM) defines the quantity of goods and/or services accounted for and expressed. This relates to the industry sector your company does business in. UOM can be Case, Cup, Each, Gallon, Gram, Hectoliter, Kilogram, Pound, Liter, Milliliter, Metric Ton, Hours, Square Meters, etc. Anything that you industry sector is measured on.


Application currency is available to express the Strategic Planner in multiple currency. This will affect the Vision section of the Strategic Planner, notably in the context of pricing, cost and margin.

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