Strategic Planning Automation - Content

Strategic Planning Automation - Content

Enable Growth provides your business development team, executives, and management with sophisticated strategic planning management functions such as: information sharing on a need to know basis while enabling everyone to contribute to strategic development; agile and powerful strategy enablement; identification of market size, trend and price point; strategic data capture and conversion into real time into knowledge; long range financial planning.

These functions give your business an opportunity to completely focus on strategy life-cycle (Scope, Photo, Vision, SWOT, Road Map), thus enabling sales revenue and profit growth.

Enable Growth has strategic automation modules such as: strategic framework, strategic planner, industry mapping (photo), market vision, market share and profit pool forecasting. You can accurately track all your strategy and deliver more in less time. In addition, you can prioritize strategy to align company resources to the highest ROI well in advance and effectively, utilizing existing data for future cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Strategic Planner

A Strategic Planner captures, in an overview, all activities necessary to enable strategy design and implementation.

Create a Strategic Planner | View a Strategic Planner


Scope is the intersection of strategic dimension architecture which defines the context of your strategic planning activities.

Create Scope | Update Scope | Choose Dimension | Unit of measure | Currency


Photo maps the current trades between supplier and customer for a specific scope.

Create Photo | Add Supplier | Add Customer | Add Value | Standard Fields


Vision is the past, present and future evolution of market position including: size, growth, price, cost, margin.

Create Vision |Market size | Market Growth | Market Price | Market Cost | Standard Fields| Market Margin


Pricing defines the different price points related to volumes ranges.

Create Pricing | Standard Fields


SWOT qualifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a specific market segment.

Create SWOT | Standard Fields


An Action is a task received from a user to be completed on time and as specified, which allows collaboration with your team members. Collective actions create the strategic roadmap by actioning the SWOT.

Create Action | Update Action | Action Notification | My Action | My Issue | Strategic Roadmap


The Responsibility Center is the core team responsible of delivering a specific strategic planner.

Responsibilty Center | Role Matrix | Create Role | Update Role | Assign Users to Role

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