Security Management - Manage Role

Security Management - Manage Role

 Roles define the organization-wide hierarchy by defining the range of data you have access to (what you can see), and the activities you can perform (what you can do)

Create Roles

Admin Menu->Manage Security->Role->Create New

The following attributes have to be set to create a role:

Role Name – This is the name of the role

Profile – Profiles are assigned to a role

Dimension positions – The dimension position refers to the strategic dimension level that a role will be driven from. “All” is the highest position for a specific strategic dimension.


Edit Roles

Admin Menu->Manage Security->Role->Edit

Roles can be updated or deleted. Modifying a role will impact the data access granted to this specific role as well as all users assigned to the updated role. You cannot delete a role when a user is assign to that role.

Assign Profile to Role

Admin Menu->Manage Security->Role->User Roles->Add Role

Profiles are assigned to role when creating a role.


Assign User to Role

Admin Menu->Manage Security->Role->User Roles

A few principles for assigning users to roles:

  • Roles provide both data and functionality access to Enable Growth users

  • Roles are not based on a specific reporting line hierarchy (rep->manager->director) but aligned with the strategic framework

  • Roles are multi-dimensionally driven

  • One user can have multiple roles

  • Multiple users can have the same role

1-From the user list select Add Role

2-Edit role

3-Select the role to assign

4-Select Dimension Nodes

5-All users are listed in User Roles list with their assigned role(s).



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