Security Management - Manage Profile

Security Management - Manage Profile

Profile defines the access permissions for the role, setting module-level and feature-level permissions for different profiles.

Create Profiles

Admin Menu->Manage Security->Profile->Create New


Control Permissions

Admin Menu->Manage Security->Profile->Edit/Delete

After creating a profile, you must control the access to the modules (Strategic Planner, Analytics) and permissions for the profile. Users with Administrator privileges can manage these permissions.

Permissions are:

  • None: Permission to restrict access to the modules (Strategic Planner, Analytics)
  • Read: Permission to view a tab or a record in a module
  • Edit: Permission to modify the record in a module.
  • Create: Permission to create the record in a module.
  • Delete: Permission to delete the records in a module.


Edit and Delete Profiles

When organizing your Enable Growth account, you may delete some of the unwanted profiles after assigning the users to the other profiles. Before deleting a particular profile, Users associated to that profile must be transferred to other existing profiles. You can delete all the profiles except "System Administrator" and "Standard User" profiles.

Admin Menu->Manage Security->Profile->Delete

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