Strategic Planning Automation - Roadmap

Strategic Planning Automation - Roadmap

Roadmap is the delivery aspect of the Strategic Planner. It aims at actioning the Strategic Planner SWOT to: close the gap on weaknesses, address threats, deliver opportunities and increase strengths.  Roadmap consists of individual actions which are tasks received from a user to be completed on time and as specified.

Create Action

Select the Action tab

 To create an action, press: "Create New"

Actions consist of:

  1. Title: what has to be done

  2. Actionee: who is the person to carry out the action

  3. Due: when the Action has to be completed (the due date is by default the action date + 48 hours)

  4. Detail: any further description required to document the action (support its identification and resolution).


Update Action

The Actionee receiving the action can enter resolution comments and click on close when the action is completed.


 Actions when completed can be closed by the Actioner or the Actionee.


Action Notification

When the Action is created an email notification is sent to the Actionee.  The email contains information about the action and a hyperlink to the action record.

My Action

Always available in the top banner of the enable growth application, My Action provides access to the list of actions received for you to complete across all Strategic Planners. Numbers of open actions are flagged.


My Issue

Always available in the top banner of enable growth application, My Issue provides access to the list of actions you sent to Actionee to complete across all Strategic Planners. Numbers of open issues are flagged.


Once created, actions are displayed under the Action tab of the Strategic Planner. Collectively, actions organize the strategic roadmap of the Strategic Planner.



Standard Fields

Following is the list of Enable Growth standard fields available in the Strategic Planner Price:

Field Name


Data type

Maximum Limit


Action title




Name of the user creating the action

Drop down



Name of the user who has been assigned the action

Drop down



Action creation date




Action due date




Description of the action




Description of the action resolution



Last Actionee Update

Last action update date




Flag confirming that the action is closed





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