Getting Started - Strategic framework Customization

Getting Started - Strategic framework Customization


The currency customization allows you to add as many currencies that your company requires to design and enable your strategic framework.

List of ISO Currency

Enable Growth lets you create an unlimited number of currencies. Admin-> Currencies->Manage ISO code

Manage ISO code

To create a new currency select: Admin-> Currencies->Manage ISO code-> Create New.

A list a ISO currency is available by contacting our support help desk.


Application Currencies

In order to facilitate the management and readability of data, the application currency can be managed: Admin-> Currencies-> Manage Currencies.


Set Currency rates

Fixed currency rate are set between the base currency (chosen at Company (Tenant) Details level) and the list ISO currency list created.


Unit of Measure

The unit of measure allows you to add as many unite of measure that your company requires to design and enable your strategic framework.

List of Unit type

Enable Growth lets you organize units of measure by unit type an unlimited number of currencies. Admin-> Manage Units.

List of Units

To create unit of measures, select Admin-> Manage Units-> Create new

A list a Unit of measure is available by contacting our support help desk.


Dimensions are the heart of your strategic framework

Strategic dimensions

Strategic dimension are defined as the strategic drivers of your business. The numbers of strategic dimension that can be created is unlimited and are managed by selecting: Dimensions-> Manage dimensions. Once defined, each strategic dimension provide individual architecture where strategic planner will be identified and develop.

For example, a product dimension will provide Enable growth’s users the ability to plan strategic activities related to the groups or segment of company’s offering. Typically an architecture around product will create group of product having similar functionality, applicability or solutions


To create a new dimension, select: Dimensions-> Manage dimensions-> Create New


Strategic dimension level

Levels define the number of architecture layers within each strategic dimension. They are segment, sub-segment, sub-sub-segment, etc. that make your strategic dimensions manageable and actionable by your employees.

The number of strategic dimension level that can be created is unlimited.


To create strategic dimension levels, click on Dimensions-> Manage dimensions-> Edit

From this menu you can increase or decrease the number of Level and provide each level a name.


Strategic dimension node

Nodes are the attributes of the strategic dimension level, therefore labelling your architecture with content.

The architecture content is created by filling-in each level of each dimension



Supplier and Customer

Suppliers and customers are business partners selling and buying  product/service into a market place.

Enable growth requires predefining the list of suppliers and customers to be used in the Strategic Planner photo module. To add or delete Customers and Suppliers is administrator’s task go to:

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