Getting Started - Account Setup

Getting Started - Account Setup

Company (Tenant) Details

Add your company details such as the company name (full and short names) and the base currency.

Other related subscription information are also available, such as subscription end date, number maximum of authorize users as well as number of registered users.



Add users to your Enable Growth account. Note that only after you add a user in your account, will you be able to assign them role profiles and roles. For the first user that you add, the system defines the user as the administrator of Enable Growth. Only users flagged as administrator have access to the administrator menus. Once an user is created, an email notification is sent to the newly created user' s email address, in order to set-up the account password.  See Also FAQ


Create profiles that define the access permissions to the various Enable Growth modules and features.


Also, set up the organization-wide hierarchy by creating Roles and assigning them to users.

Use Roles

Assigning Roles to users will define what specific users will be able to see (access to data) and to do (access to functionality)


Then set up the base currency of your company which is used for reporting and consolidation purposes at the company detail (Tennant Setting). The application currency is the list of currencies available to use within Enable Growth, to create and manage Strategic Planners. Currency rate defines the constant exchange rate between the base and application currencies.

Unit of measure

Unit of measures are used to create and manage Strategic Planners. Unit of measure quantifies volume traded between partners .

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