Getting Started - Content

Getting Started - Content

Here, you will be introduced to a number of useful functions and concepts that will help you start working with your Enable Growth account. It will provide you with information required to complete the most essential tasks needed to get started and to get the most of your Enable Growth experience.

Account Setup

Start setting up your Enable Growth account by adding your company details. Then you can create roles and profiles according to your organization's requirements and add users. Learn More

Strategic framework Customization

Next, customize your strategic dimensions based on your industry standards and business requirements. You can begin by setting up your strategic framework Learn More

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    • Getting Started - Account Setup

      Company (Tenant) Details Add your company details such as the company name (full and short names) and the base currency. Other related subscription information are also available, such as subscription end date, number maximum of authorize users as ...
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      Enable Growth is a strategic enablement software that maps and stores strategies in real time. It allows its users to create and develop planned business activities to enable strategic initiatives to get implemented with the aim to grow businesses. ...
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      Currency The currency customization allows you to add as many currencies that your company requires to design and enable your strategic framework. List of ISO Currency Enable Growth lets you create an unlimited number of currencies. Admin-> ...
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      The Enable Growth account settings consist of User and Organizational Settings. Before you start working with your account, you need to set up the personal settings such user name and password. User Settings ENABLE GROWTH user account consists of ...
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      Enable Growth provides your business development team, executives, and management with sophisticated strategic planning management functions such as: information sharing on a need to know basis while enabling everyone to contribute to strategic ...